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Wow, you think that post about you being raped is actually going to get attention? You think it will actually stop ppl from using the Snape apologist tag? You are a snape apologist, and that's all you are, face up to it. Just embrace what you are or stop being a snape fan, simple as that! Don't wine about your problems in public, no one cares.

the-great-snape-debate answered:


How about this … you want to attack me don’t be a fucking coward and take yourself off anon!





Here we go, here we have a nice example of snape haters: assholes, cowards and… wait for it… bullies! 

Anon this is for you:


And this is why we must band together!


Y’know…. I tend to think of myself as cynical by now, but damn how naive am I??  You posted that story saying “I hope I don’t get hate” and I thought “Nooooooo … surely not, not about that…”  Marauderfen will exceed your expectations for disgusting behavior EVERYTIME. 

And I mean.. nevermind that this is SO NOT what we are supposed to take away from the series, is that even really what their beloved Marauders would even do, even db teenage James???  

Snape-haters, everyone.

What really pisses me off about people who hate Snape is that they refuse to -aren’t incapable of, rather they refuse to- separate FICTIONAL CHARACTER Severus Snape from REAL PEOPLE who like his character.

And then, AND FUCKING THEN, they use REAL people’s REAL pain and trauma against them. Somehow, it’s okay for THEM to do it, because THEY don’t like Snape.

Seriously. All of the Snape-haters on this website can fuck themselves with a saguaro cactus. In which hole is up to them.

This nicely wraps up my point that Snape-haters don’t have a heart.